Food & Recepies

Here you may find ramblings of all sorts on food and all things related. Since everyone from New Orleans, deep down, wants to be a chef more than anything else, I like to pretend that I know how to cook!

Easy Recepie Collection This is my slowly expanding list of recepies that are both easy to make and still taste better than most of the crap we'd otherwise be eating. The criteria is as follows: Recepies should be easy, skill-wise, should require relatively few ingredients and should take a reasonable amount of time to make. (The goal I am shooting for is something you can make quickly enough after you get home that you won't be starving by the time it's ready! I'm currently shooting at ~30 minutes or less.) Finally, everything I have posted here I have made myself, preferable a few times so I can be sure it's really worth doing. Awesome.
  • Pepper Steak (Unformatted XML) This is another tasty one that could basically be described as "close to stir-fry." Maybe the italian version of stir-fry? Anyway, this means that it's quick to fix, has vegitables, uses inexpensive meat, and tastes best over rice. Plus it's colorful, which is nice.
    • Time: 25 minutes total
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Lentil Soup (Unformatted XML) I make this all the live-long. It's surprisingly easy to do and surprisingly filling. Plus if you or yours is a vegitarian, you can just take out the sausage and it still works. You can do it all in one pot.
    • Time: 25-30 minutes total
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Crawfish Etoufee (Unformatted XML) Yes, I do realize that this has a number of ingredients, whereas I usually try to keep the total number of ingredients low. BUT, they are almost all simple ones. This is crawfish etouffee (there should be a right-facing accent on the second 'e') an excellent creole dish if made by the right person, but apparently not too hard to make yourself. I haven't actually made this myself yet, but the plan is to do so in the immediate future. But I have had this recipe; my mom made is for us all the time. The hardest part, it seems like, is going to be finding the crawfish tails. They usually sell them in frozen or refridgerated packages just like you might buy shrimp or scallops or something. I have a good feeling that Whole Foods might even have them...
    • Time: 30 minutes total
    • Difficulty: ??