After some discussion, Tom 7 and I came to the conclusion that portmanteau is the highest form of humor. Therefore I have decided, for posterity's sake, to keep track of all the humorous, semi-humorous, groan-worthy, and downright insulting portmanteaus that I have come up with. These words are followed by a brief description, and I have attempted to categorize them.


  • Crapplication = Crap + Application - An application that doesn't work so well. E.g., "What are you using? GIMP?! I can't stand that crapplication."
  • Craptice = Crap + Practice - To practice poorly. E.g., "This afternoon I am giving a craptice talk."
  • Smotherly = Smother + Motherly - To be overbearing in a way that only a mother would think is appropriate.
  • Rainbro = Rainbow + Bro - This word comes from a long line of "bro" related portmanteaus (see, e.g., "bromance"). Two bros sharing the same umbrella.
  • Brotocol = Bro + Protocol - The strict protocol followed by bros. E.g., "Dude, you can't date my ex! That is a serious breach of brotocol."


  • Abstractory = Abstract + Factory - An Abstract Factory, a particular design pattern in computer science.